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Amenities at The Gardens



Healthcare professionals have long recognized the health benefits of daily sunlight for dementia patients to mitigate the daily effects of "sun downing". Our solarium offers residents a daily dose of sunshine and warmth while remaining indoors. 


Residents can enjoy our Solarium benefits year-round which offers plush furniture and soft music to offer a calm and relaxing atmosphere. 


Fine Dining

The Gardens provides a variety of chef-inspired meal choices from locally grown and sourced butchers, farms and markets that are prepared in our state-of-the-art restaurant style kitchen.


Additionally, breakfast is made-to-order and served from 7:00am to 9:30am daily.

Serenity Room

Serenity Room


Regardless of mental wellness and daily routine, there are occasions when a resident just needs to strip away all unwanted stimuli and find a quiet space.


Our specially-designed room is dedicated to creating a calming effect that helps one remove themselves from the "white noise" of the outside world and attain a state of total relaxation.

Beauty Salon

Spa and Salon Services


We feature an in-house beauty salon that allows residents to freshen up at their leisure or get a haircut without the hassle of heading into town. Our beautician regularly provides services to all our residents and can provide any desired look or style.


In addition to the wider range of hair salon services, our spa provides facials, aromatherapy and massage services for a healthier and more attractive feel.

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