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Making the Decision

It's Not Always An Easy Decision

It can be difficult to know exactly when it is time to leave home and move to a new community.


Are you a caregiver who is stressed? We can help.

All too often caregivers do not recognize the stress that they are suffering from. Nearly 80 percent of caregiving to seniors comes from family members and the time commitment can be overwhelming. Are you suffering from any of the following?


  • Are you helping someone with everyday tasks on a daily basis?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed?

  • Have you missed work because of your caregiving responsibilities?

  • Are you sleeping too little?

  • Are you gaining or losing a lot of weight?

  • Are you worried that you are unable to meet your own health or financial commitments?

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, you may be suffering from caregiver stress. When the decision is made to live at The Gardens, we are not only giving your loved one piece of mind and vibrant senior living, we are also giving caregivers the chance to care for themselves—and relieve that caregiver stress.

Find out why personalized memory care may be your best choice.
Do you feel isolated?


As we age, many of us begin to feel socially isolated. We have health problems and have a harder time getting around. Often this leads us to become more isolated from our friends and family. And this isolation can leave people feeling depressed and withdrawn. That’s where our community can help. Unlike many senior living facilities, we are not a giant complex — we are a small community with 20 suites. That’s small enough to make friends and large enough to engage in solitary pursuits.

Are your physical limitations bothering you?


At The Gardens, there is no more maintenance to worry about. Our resident rooms are worry-free. There are no repairs to make, no driveways to shovel, no grass to cut and no peeling paint to fix. Unlike many homes, there are no stairs to climb, no basement, no garbage to take out and no attic to worry about. We offer weekly housekeeping for all residents and laundry service for those who select it.

Are you worried about cooking or taking medicines?


Cooking can become a difficult chore as we age. And sometimes keeping track of medicines can become challenging, too. Not getting proper nutrition or taking the proper medicines at the right times can seriously impact a senior’s health. If you or a loved one have these concerns, it might be time to consider moving to The Gardens. Our trained staff helps our residents with their medicines and we offer nutritious and appealing food cooked to order for our residents.

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